Milton Friedman Part 2

The problem with privatizing higher education is:

Problem: In order to pay for your education requires dependency on a financier, regardless of your abilities.

In order for a ‘competent’ individual to get higher education (if not born wealthy) – society can invest in them by ‘buying a share’. This relies on the judgment of others rather than yourself – the anti-thesis of freedom. Ayn Rand: Truth is the recognition of reality; reason, man’s only means of knowledge, is his only standard of truth. The most depraved sentence you can now utter is to ask: ‘whose reason? The answer is: Yours”. Yet this is the essence of all of Friedman’s arguments – needing to convince someone else. If you can’t win their approval, you must to be incapable. Says who? They do.

Friedman wants to take power out of the hands of incompetent government officials to put it in the hands of incompetent wealthy individuals. He doesn’t even go so far as to say the wealthy are competent, thus somehow justifying it. No, in fact this is one of his central tenants – the wealthy are irrational, and will pay for any number of dumb things. What then, does Friedman value?

If the outcome ‘freedom’ is not based on a rational logic, freedom will not be the effect. Irrationality does not produce intelligence. If one comes up with the answer 2×2=4, but did so because they memorized the answer, this is different than understanding the meaning. “Contradictions do not exist”. A system that assigns power to irrationality and incompetence will only reflect what you put into it. Perhaps ignorance is freedom?

I prefer a real libertarian…
Ayn Rand: “The first pre-condition of self-esteem is that radiant selfishness of soul which desires the best in all things, in values of matter and spirit, a soul that seeks above all else to achieve its own moral perfection.” .


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