Grand Canyon: North Rim – Deer Creek / Tapeats / Stone


This was my 5th trip into the Grand Canyon, four of them have been off the North Rim and one off the South Rim.  Each has been beautiful and interesting with their own sets of challenges.  Trip itinerary: May 2012

night 1: Surprise Valley
night 2-3: Deer Creek
Nights 3: Lower Tapeats
night 4,5,6: Stone Creek
night 7: Surprise valley

Deer Creek was amazing. It was the focal point I chose when planning this trip  – I knew I didn’t want to spend a ton of time there, as its popular, close by the Colorado so the rafters have easy access, but it sounded amazing and I wanted to see it.  I have been to Stone Creek before, crossing over from Tapeats but at a higher elevation.  So crossing over from Deer Creek to Tapeats, and from Tapeats to Stone on the lower half were both unknowns of how hard, and how accessible they would be.  The trail from Deer Creek to Tapeats turned out to be very well marked, with a little confusion over when it branched off to split between the lower and the upper trail.  We took the lower trail, as it was shorter, even though it had some height exposure and a bit of a rock scramble over one section.  We stayed a night at Tapeats, which was flowing pretty good and was nice and cold as it is known for.  We had planned to hike over to Stone the next day in the evening,  but struggled to find the trail.  There was a trail along the Colorado that took us into a dead end, and it had begun to get dark so we ended up turning back and camping a night in Tapeats on the trail and getting a very early start the next morning to try again.     Turns out you have to hike way up Tapeats canyon, crossed the river, then were able to get on the trail that took us up a route up the rocks, getting above cliffs where we had gotten stuck below the night before.   We spent the hot afternoon at Tapeats at the base of the trail after investigating that it was the correct one, then finally reached Stone Creek in the moonlight and camped on the beach of the Colorado river.  It was one of the most beautiful campsites I’ve stayed at.  After a quick sprint into the freezing water, we slept good that night.  The winner of our cooking competition, (maybe I’m biased since this was a meal I was part of..) morel mushrooms to go with dumpling stew.

Photo credit:  google images!!

Photo credit: google images!!

Re-hydrated Spaghetti and Corn Chowder are classics that dehydrate very well and are pretty damn delicious.

Dad’s rule:  “Dried apples do have more calories per oz then bacon so although you will be carrying bacon you will be eating apples.”


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