Morning musings

I’ve come to accept that I need to buy cream by the half gallon.  I love cream.  Not as much as coffee, but the two go together quite nicely. 

After sleeping great, waking up far too early, pondering about getting up to go to the gym, pondering some more, I settled on just getting up and drinking coffee.   I will go tonight.  Chest day.   My biggest challenge with trying to step my fitness up a notch is wanting to have a social life.  Little things tend to throw me off balance and lose the motivation it takes to get up and push myself to have a hard workout early in the morning, then resist eating cookies at work. I can plan a night out to the schedule, but this means no spontaneity, and it also means – as I’ve come to realize that I can’t plan morning workouts for the next day.  Not sleeping well is not conducive to having active mornings.  Even sleeping well sometimes still doesn’t help.  I’m just not a morning person, and inevitably my workouts will almost always be better when I go in the evening.  If I stay up too late or have a drink,  or even going out to dinner, it throws me off my schedule.  I typically cook all my food, plan out my workouts for the week, and try to keep track of my nutritional intake each day.  The latter is time consuming and when I’m focused, I do it.  So back to the point.  I realize if I want to have a social life, I need to plan my workouts accordingly rather than pretending I can get up early the next morning as originally planned.  And to make sure to eat before going out, so that I don’t end up hungry and eat a bunch of nachos and beer.  Or, go to the gym before going to the bar, as this is the best way to prevent me from drinking, after I’m feeling all healthy and shit.  I’m not even talking about having a crazy social life –  just hanging out occasionally with friends.  I’m not sure how people are able to balance this.  It seems to me like amount of time I spend with friends is often in direct opposition to everything else I want to do with my life.  Which often means that I am alienating my friends, or forcing myself to spend time with people when I don’t always feel like it, just to show I value the friendship. 

Moving on.  Trying to be clever, I posted on facebook that I was excited to learn to drive on the left side of the road for my upcoming trip to Norway.  !  Little did I know, all of Europe does not, in fact, drive on the left side.  While somewhat relieved I am also  bit disappointed.  I wanted to drive on the left.  


About Musings over Coffee

Fitness enthusiast. Love to travel, mess up recipes, ponder random things, get riled up about the news, all of which nearly always coinciding with one of my favorite things in the world: Coffee.
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