Revising fitness goals

fitness progression I’ve had to revise my summer fitness goals.  I will not be a fit beast in how I imagined it by August.  (sad face)  There is too much fun to be had, and too many competing priorities.  My NEW goals are to just keep progressing, and wait until fall when I can focus better, and invest the time needed.  Weight lifting three times a week, or less, is just not getting me to where I want to be.   I want to be able to do 10 pull-ups, squat 160lb,  bench 95lb,  and have six pack of abs by December.  I don’t actually want the abs,  it is hard for me to eat the right way for it.  Not just be healthy, but extra healthy.   Its a challenge I’ve never tried hard to accomplish, thus never been able to.. so why not.  It will helps me stay focused, and to better achieve the other things.

I spent hours moving over my workouts from into a pretty little Word Notebook layout with tabs for back / leg / chest to make it easier to compare over time.

Current snapshot, last leg workout:
10 minute stair stepper
Squat: 8 sets:   95lb 1×10 warmup, 145lb 5×5, 115lb 3×10
Deadlift: 25lb 4×6. bad form, felt demotivated.
Leg Extension: 130lb 4×10
1 leg lunge – with leg up on bench: 50lb 4×10
Calf Raises: 50lb 3×30
Leg Curl Machine: 70lb 4×10

I’m trying to incorporate deadlift again.  This was the first day I tried in a looonnnnng time, and hadn’t practiced form, and it was terrible.  I will try again today.  I could always deadlift more than squat, would be nice to get back up there.

Also did a sprint workout over the weekend.  I don’t like running long distances, or anything more than a mile really, although sometimes by brute force I do intermittently. The gym was closed after getting back from having fun all day, so I resigned myself to running.  Of course it started pouring when I got to the track.  I sat in my car, glaring at it.  So I did a night time rainy workout.  The sprints turned out to be surprisingly fun, and I was not expecting to enjoy it so much.   The workout itself took only about 20 minutes and was able to push myself hard and I’m super sore in my hamstrings now.  8x200m, with 200 walk / slow jog in between.  After 4 sets, walked one lap for extra rest.  Next time I think I will add another set of 4, so 12×200.  Also need to invest in a stopwatch.  Will definitely now include some form of sprinting workout once a week.


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Fitness enthusiast. Love to travel, mess up recipes, ponder random things, get riled up about the news, all of which nearly always coinciding with one of my favorite things in the world: Coffee.
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