My First Triathlon!

Triathlon-trainingI signed up for my first Olympic triathlon.   So it’s a 1500m swim, 41K bike, and 10K run at Luray Canyon.  I was looking for a challenge and this will certainly be one.  Let’s just say it.. I’m not a distance person.  I like weight lifting and sprinting and have never run more than 9 miles consecutively. I don’t even like distance running which is why a marathon is off the table for me, but I’ve been throwing around the idea of a triathlon for a while now, and decided just to do it.   I was a competitive swimmer when I was 10, and hadn’t been lap swimming since then until last week.  I bike recreationally, but nothing serious.  I enjoy biking and swimming far more than running, and getting in shape for this I hope will be difficult, but enjoyable.  I have a strong competitive gene, which has benefitted me in the past although at times a weakness when I just assume I can do something without adequate training.   Stamina and endurance are a weak point for me right now, but I have plenty of experience of over 12 hour hiking days with a heavy backpack, and shorter races, so that will hopefully be a plus as well.

Like anything new, I turned to google for advice.  I have three and a half months to train.  My general plan for this first month is to build up distance and quantity of training.  Different plans focus on different things.  For me starting out, I’m trying to incorporate two swim workouts, 2 bike workouts, and one running, as well as one upper body and one lower body workout a week. (In addition to 3 capoeira trainings a week)  There seem to be a lot of technical aspects to this that I have no idea about and will need to figure out.  Like.. transition times? I need to get clip pedals for my shitty bike?

Week two: did a double workout today with a swim workout in the morning for workout pic3×400 and a 200 at the end for 1400m swim this morning, up from 900m, then a 15 mile bike ride after work. Felt good, a lot to work on.  I’m still playing around with what workouts work best and where my base level is at.  For swimming I have to alternate between 100Free and 50Breast to give myself active rest.  I would be unable at this time to swim 1500m just freestyle.  I was told not to keep the leg day weight training, but I really enjoy it, so will keep it for now.  I’m also not going to do a lot of distance running this first month because of my knee, but will test out some shorter distances instead of sprinting at the end of May.  I was proud of my weight lifting progress and hate to pull back on those workouts, but this will be a new challenge for me, and I’m going to keep some lifting workouts in the schedule for as long as I can.


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