Triathlon Training: Swimming Progress

treading waterTriathlon training:  Week 5
My swimming endurance is improving dramatically.  I’m quite pleased with myself.  After a week and a half of being sick, I was able to have some great workouts this week and get back on track.  I’ve been doing 2 swim workouts a week (except for the time being sick) so there actually haven’t even been that many.   My weakest point for me in the freestyle were my arm muscles.  They would get tired right away, preventing me from swimming very long without short rest or switching strokes.   This surprised me, as I considered myself fairly strong, as usually with cardio it is my lungs that get tired out first.   I went from doing no more than 100 Free at a time, to 600 Free today.  My workout was 4x300m+200 kicks, (which the 300m was already a huge jump for me in distance without rest) and I was on my third set, and my arms didn’t feel tired like before.  I felt like I just hit a good stride and wanted to keep going.  I did 500m a few days ago and wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.  It felt fantastic.  I think my arms were getting so tired previously because I was using muscles not being accustomed to getting used.  So now that I’m building strength in those areas, I can better utilize the muscles that are already strong.  Gotta work on the weakest link.  And for the first time I felt that I could work on more speed work, and getting faster at the mile swim, rather than training just to survive it.  My technique is also improving quite a bit.  Now that I’m in week 5, will need to be increasing distance.  Been holding at 1400m pretty steady for a while.  Little things I’ve been working on:

  • keep fingers mostly closed.  No gill hands!
  • During the down stroke, make sure to bring hand to your waist to finish the stroke for more efficiency.  No half strokes!
  • During breathing, make sure to keep the same kicking pace
  • Try to keep the body high in the water, don’t let feet drag
  • when breathing out, make it consistent, get all your air out, and don’t hold your breath

Finger spacing sidenote:  Interesting article here about proper spacing between fingers.  Spoiler – there is no exact answer, even among elite athletes.   While there does seem to be a bit about individual style and what is comfortable, there is a  general consensus of slight spacing between fingers, although how much spacing is optimal is what is not determined.


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