Low Body Temperature

I was glancing over my vital signs from my latest health visit just for fun.  (Recently got health insurance.. yay!)  What was at first an amusing waste of time looking up my excellent blood pressure, turned into a slight panic about my seemingly low body temperature.  (previously it was 97.1, now it was 96.9)  What the hell.  Maybe hypothyroidism?  I was going to put off going in for the second half blood test portion because I get lazy sometimes – conveniently they didn’t tell me not to eat anything when I went in last time, so now I have to go all the way back, this time minus the cereal.  This is probably why I was so sick a few weeks ago.  My immune system is shutting down, resulting in imminent death.  (sooner or later)

This is why I’m dying:
Low Body Temperature: Wilson’s Syndrome
Non scientific scary blog
Maybe it’s no big deal? What does the medical community know anyways..  WebMD
Interesting connection between anemia and hypothyroidism 

I’m also slightly more paranoid now as Hashimoto’s disease runs in my family (one of the leading causes of hypothyroidism), plus I have chronically low iron, no matter how many vitamins I irregularly take.   I suppose it could be worse.  The most that would happen is to have take a pill for the rest of my life to regulate it.  😦  (Don’t make me!)

Update: results from blood test –  All is well.  Just anemic again. And signs of possible chronic kidney disease.  True Story.


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