Norway – Trolltunga

Well this post is certainly long overdue.  From trip last July to Norway / Switzerland.

Photo pulled from Google images

I had seen Trolltunga in pictures before going, and this was one of two places in Norway that I planned my trip around.  It was beautiful!  The hike in total was about 10 miles.   Not that strenuous, but a long day.  Description of the hike from Visit Norway.

At the beginning, you had to hike up these wooden stairs which took about 45 mins.  I could see this being daunting for people who don’t hike often.  But once you make it up the stairs, the terrain isn’t technical in any way.   They had railings, but it was kind of slow going.  Unfortunately I lost a lot of my photos.  I was carrying two cameras – my nice larger one, and a smaller one for quick photos.  I was importing photos at the end of my trip and was heartbroken when the importing was interrupted and lost half the photos from my little camera.  Anyone who has lost beautiful photos from a trip knows the heartbreak that is involved.

The hike was quite pretty, although crowded at times, especially at the top.  I was there at the end of July and hiked it with my parents.  Drove to Odda and parked and started hiking around 10am.  My Dad is in decent hiking shape, and my Mom just climbed the stairs and waited there for the entire day. In total it took us about 7 hours.

When we got up to the top of Trolltunga (Troll’s Tongue) around 1:30pm there was a long line to the rock – so that one person could go out at a time and get the iconic photo of standing out on the ledge.    After a nice lunch overlooking the view, we headed back down.  The landscape actually reminded me a lot of Montana, and it was strange being surrounded by so many people on a hike.  If the end result hadn’t been so amazing, it would have felt like I traveled across the ocean just to see the same terrain I grew up in.  Trolltunga was a trip highlight.



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