First Triathlon: 5 weeks out

My training routine has changed substantially from when I first started about 2 months ago – as expected.  Some key differences:  Much more volume, and adding in Brick workouts.   I strive for 2 swim workouts, 2 bike days, and 2 running workouts.  One of each of these is supposed to be the long day.  So a shorter swim, more focused on technique, and then a longer one.   I really like this training plan for guidance.  There are a lot of them out there, but for me this was easy to read and quite challenging for a beginner.  I don’t follow it directly, but it’s been a useful tool to gauge where I’m at, and to also rethink some of my workouts.  I was training capoeira 3x per week before and weight training as well but I’ve had to make some cuts to that since I wasn’t keeping up.  Now I try to go to capoeira twice a week, and maybe one lifting session.  Weight lifting has been the first workout to get cut when I run out of time.  I miss it.  I think I’m losing my muscle, which sucks.  Still got that arm vein though that comes out after a good upper body work out.   I had a fun free day on Sunday and did sprints and legs.  Still sore.

My goal is to finish the triathlon in 3 hours 40 mins.  My very rough estimate for me: 45 mins swim, 1:45 bike, 60 min run,  10 mins for transitions.  My ambitious goal is 3:30.  Would be super happy with that.

My shorter swims are usually around 1400m, and longer are 2,000 + meters.  I had a wake up call when I realized I needed to be doing 2,000m.  I remember starting out at less than 1,000 and alternating between free style and breast stroke.  Swimming is the one sport of out of the three that I have improved the most on.  Going from not even being able to swim 200 Free consecutively to more than 2,000m (minor breaks) is quite an improvement for two months and I am very happy with it.  Of course it helps that back in middle school I was on the swim team and already knew how to swim, but I hadn’t done lap swimming in about twenty years.  I got a cool new watch, in part because I can’t count laps, and I want to time myself more accurately.  I was using a non waterproof timer that I would set by the pool, and always was losing track of my lap count.  I think my 500m is around 15:00 min.  Using my new watch, I can now time my 1500m this weekend.  Update:  with new watch – 1500m 44:22.  Roughly 3 minute 100’s consistently.  I wasn’t exhausted by the end either, but I don’t think I want to be since it’s the first leg.

My biking is improving rapidly.  I love using my new road bike! So many things to work on.  I find learning a new sport exciting and only occasionally frustrating.  I did a hard hill workout today, which was a repeat from a few weeks ago.  My stamina is improving, although hands down, hills on a bike is the hardest for me out of all the workouts.  I felt like I was going to throw up.  I am able to recover quicker than before as well, but it’s not getting any easier going up the hills.  My legs and lungs kill me.  My shifting technique is improving every week.  Since it’s an old bike, my shifters are down low so it’s unnerving sometimes to shift in traffic because I have to take one hand off the handlebars to reach below.

I try to now get in at least a 6 or 7 mile long run once a week and then add  in a few miles running after my biking or swimming or separately.  I should probably be doing a lot more running.  At least my knee is not hurting me.  Well,  it hurts intermittently and sometimes during biking but I was able to run 7 miles with fast recovery.  My knee used to hurt even doing a mile warmup on the treadmill, and then even in May, it used to hurt during my longer sprint workouts which was only a few miles.  I feel happy about this.  Injuries suck.  However, since I have started doing distance quite late in my training, it is challenging, painful, and every other difficult word I can throw in there. I have a lot of improvement to make in distance running and wish I had started training more seriously sooner with this aspect.   Mentally painful is most accurate.  Physcially,  I don’t feel so bad, but I have many thoughts of just wanting to walk, or sit by the trail.  I don’t have those kinds of thoughts when I’m swimming or biking.  I have to mentally force myself to keep going.    I will be happy if I can run 10 minute miles at the triathlon.

Le sigh.   Let me preface this with I do reasonably well, just not at the level of discipline I want to be at, or should be at.  I’ll do really good for a few days, and then I’ll crack and eat a donut, which then leads to eating other forms of sugar.. and a downward spiral of a quick candy eBreadating binge.  Or just whatever I can get my hands on.  I was hungry and watching the world cup games.  Someone had a fresh loaf of bread and I just ate the whole thing.   My lack of discipline with my nutrition is a constant source of frustration.   Gotta fix that shit.


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2 Responses to First Triathlon: 5 weeks out

  1. my1sttrirace says:

    Sounds like to are making great progress toward your first triathlon. If you have any questions or issues, I ‘m happy to help out.

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