New Jersey State Sprint Triathlon – signup

New Jersey State TriathlonRound two! This time I signed up for a Sprint triathlon, it’s about 15 times as big as the one I did at Luray, and my training hasn’t been as serious.  I knew going into this that I didn’t have the same time commitment this summer as I did last summer, but I still wanted something to work towards.  I also had to plan it around my travel schedule, and find one in July.

Swim Course (Sprint 500 m), Bike Course (Sprint 11.5 miles), Run Course  (Sprint 3.1 miles)

From my Oly tri, my swim time I was most dissatisfied with.  Despite training my ass off, I still came in nearly last for that portion.  My time was 44:32 for 1500m.  I am glad that this sprint distance is shorter than most sprints, just 500m rather than 750.  It will allow me to really push myself without worrying about drowning.

Realistic goal:   Swim 12:30  Bike  41 mins  Run 25:30 mins
Transitions total = 6:00mins  Race Time: 1:25.00

Ambitious Goal: Swim  11:45  Bike 38 mins  Run 24:30 mins
Transitions total = 5:15mins  Race Time: 1:19.00

Current Training
My training currently consists of 1 swim, 1 bike  2-3 runs a week.   Capoeira 3-4 times a week and 2x a week lifting.  I know.. not very effective for training.  My swims are usually around 1200m – 1400m, and biking 45 mins.  My runs are on average between 3-5 miles.  Occasionally hill workouts. I take my new puppy running with me, so even though I am running more often than last summer, the intensity is less.   Sometimes I don’t even get in a bike workout every week. 😦  However, it is not my highest priority, and I recognize that.   My training was stunted initially due to anemia back in April and May, but I think around late May I was able to workout effectively again.  I got another blood test today so that will help determine that all is well.  It will also be sweet revenge after a terrible 5K race in April after I finally realized I was anemic.  It was one of the worst races ever.  I got 27:30, and felt humiliated and frustrated that my body was failing me.  I can feel such a huge difference now, and training is enjoyable again rather than a struggle and feeling defeated.

Last swim workout: 1300m
300m warmup
100meter sets x6 (with 50 breaststroke as rest)
2:14, 2:19, 2:16,   2:15, 2:11, 2:13
100m cool down with buoy


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