Fitness update – fall three month goals

Summer focus was capoeira, now moving back to a three month weight lifting phase.

Current Handstand
Deadlift 200lb
Pushpress: 85lb
Bench Press: 90lb

Deadlift 220lb
Pushpress: 95lb
Bench Press: 105lb
6 pullups
Handstand = 10 seconds solid

Handstands will be the hardest for me.  I’ve been working on them for years with little progress, so now I’m going back to the basics and have started myself on a little training program to focus on technique and flexibility and have been on this pretty consistently the past few weeks for a start.  I have a lot of work to go with shoulder flexibility especially, and also shoulder strength.  When I do it correctly I’m using muscles I’m not used to using so it’s hard to hold the position even with wall assistance for longer than 10 seconds.  I paired my weight goals with mostly upper body lifts so that they will complement each other.  I will still be doing capoeira, but two x per week instead of three, and running often, swimming occasionally. I’ve also tried to get back to 6 pull-ups before and failed, I got up to 4 last winter.  This time for reals.  I also recently tested my deadlift as was pleasantly surprised to get a new pr. My previous best 195 and that was nearly a year ago when I was more focused on weight lifting.  I’ve still been lifting regularly but more so focused on other things.  I also didn’t have to switch grip, so somehow my grip got way better.  I used to have to switch at anything past 165.


About Musings over Coffee

Fitness enthusiast. Love to travel, mess up recipes, ponder random things, get riled up about the news, all of which nearly always coinciding with one of my favorite things in the world: Coffee.
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