Fitness Progress: Women can do Pull-ups

About 2 months in – my last post about my goals was from end of Aug, and my goal was to reach these numbers before Christmas.

Current                                       Goals
Deadlift 200lb                               Deadlift 220lb
Push Press: 85lb                           Push Press 95lb
Bench Press: 90lb                        Bench Press: 105lb
Pull-ups: 0                                     Pull-ups: 8  (updated from 6)
Handstand = 10 seconds solid

After signing up for the 50 mile race, I modified my strength goals to focus on pull-ups,  deadlift, and push press for max lifts, and in addition I will be doing more leg workouts not for max strength but for functionality to help me up hills for my running.  So a lot more quads and calves, higher reps less weight.

Where I’m at now:
Pull-ups 3
Deadlift 210lb
Push Press 95lb

Yay!   I’m not sure at what point I went from zero to one, or when I could do three.  I tested myself only recently so as not to feel frustrated and was excited at my progress.  I can now incorporate pull-ups as my warmup which from my past experience, exponentially helps me to go from being able to do some, to more.   My running has changed my lifting schedule substantially, as this has become a second tier priority.   I typically lift now only 3x a week, two days for upper body, one day for legs.  I think getting from three to six pull-ups will be easier than from zero to three.  Trying to be up to five by Thanksgiving and then to 8 by Christmas.

I’m actually not sure how I keep increasing this.  I wasn’t as intentional about working on my goal with this lift as I had been with pull-ups.  I do incorporate it regularly though, often with lower weight as part of a tri-set when I do back day, (my favorite is deadlift / kettlebell swings, OH lunge) and then do higher weight as part of leg day.  I don’t often test my max.  I think doing power cleans also contributed to increasing my deadlift even though I can’t do much weight because of poor technique.  Still aiming to get to 220lb, then I will be satisfied.

Push Press: 
I love Push Presses.  I do this nearly every upper body day.  It takes a lot of focus to tighten my core, get the technique right, and I continue to improve.  I enjoy doing higher weight sets – usually around 85lbs, but also using it in on other days with lower weight, alternating barbell row / push press.  Despite how often I use this, it has taken me awhile to even incrementally add weight to my max.  My shoulders have always been one of my weaker areas, so this lift is fun for me.  I still need some work on my form as well.

Nutrition / Weight:
Forever my nemesis.  My nutritional habits will be really good one week, and then not very good for a few days.  Usually this happens when we have a catered event at work, getting sick, going out on Halloween and missing a workout and eating terrible.. or just being tired and not having enough food prepped.  Both for my pull-ups and for my running I am trying to lose about 6-7 pounds to get back to my set weight.   It will be easier on my joints if I’m a little leaner, and obviously to pull-up my body weight not only do I want to be stronger, but I want to be pulling up less weight.  My weight fluctuates a lot.  Usually around 3 pounds a day so it’s hard to really tell.  I take an average of the weight I am most consistently at which means I’ve lost about one pound.   My food prep has been on point for Sundays.  I aim to increase the amount of food I am prepping, and to also maintain this towards the end of the work week, which is usually when I lose my focus.

Progress pictures:   9 weeks 


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