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Is a Bikini Competition a Sport? Critical Reflection on Why I Want to Compete

Starting training for my first bikini competition, (NPC West Coast)  I’ve come across a number of objections, and good questions for me to ponder.  Below are the things that inspire me to compete in this type of competition, and I … Continue reading

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Complexities of Carb Loading for Female Endurance Athletes

This topic was especially interesting for me to explore academically, because I was researching this topic anyways to better understand how to carb load prior to my 50 mile race.  I had never done this before, and was nervous about trying … Continue reading

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Video critique: “If You Drink Coffee, Here’s A Fact You Need To Wake Up To”

There are so many things I find annoying about this video on Upworthy, posted below from youtube. 1) this isn’t even real science.  The video tries to examine the amount of water used in production for various commodities but doesn’t … Continue reading

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